How to paint a canvas

I began my canvas by collaging some random pieces of paper and ephemera around the canvas.

Masking off parts of the stencil I used Mud Texture Medium to stencil a bar onto the canvas.

I applied thinned Vegas Gold Sorbet onto the canvas, including the sides.

I spread some Gesso over portions of the canvas with a palette knife.

I add some thinned out Fiji Velvet, and sprayed it with water so it would drip. I did the same with some Tuxedo Velvet that I added some Gesso to to make it gray.

I did the same with Desire Velvet on the left side. Next I made a wash with Truffle and applied it to the bottom portion of the canvas.

I made another wash with the Truffle Velvet and applied it to the bottom portion, again. This time, leaving it on for a couple of minutes. Then, I went back to wipe some away with a baby wipe.

I dipped the end of a paper towel tube into Gesso and stamped it onto my canvas.

I stamped a different, larger chipboard circle into Truffle Velvet and stamped it onto my canvas. Then, sponged the Truffle through the Dottie Stencil.

I covered these, already brown, chipboard letters with Truffle Velvet. I dabbed it on to leave peaks.

I spelled out My One Word for the year, 2016, Complete. Complete in the sense of completing things I've started. I'm pretty bad at starting things and not finishing them. lol

I hope you've enjoyed painting this canvas with me!

Until next time...

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