How to make a strawberry, banana + grape smoothie

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Make power cubes. Use leafy greens, leftover green parts (celery leaves, broccoli stalks, spinach stems). Put the greens in your blender and turn them into a green liquid. Pour into ice cube tray.

Freeze the cubes. Put them into a freezer proof container or bag. Use 1 - 3 cubes in each smoothie you make. Start small. Use 1.

For icy texture, add frozen banana, 1 power cube, handful of grapes, a few frozen strawberries, and some protein powder (personal preference). Blend.

Start by filling your blending cup 1/2 full with fruits. If you need to change flavor or add more ingredients this gives you room without waste. *For a thinner texture add a bit of water.

Drink up! When you find a favorite set of ingredients, bag and freeze them together for convenience.

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