How to make a sleep mask

Use pattern to cut out two pieces of fabric for your eye mask.

Pin the layers together and carefully trim around the edges.

You should have two pieces for the outside of your eye mask.

Repeat step 2 with the batting (use the soft batting for added body).

You should have three pieces: 2 outer fabrics and the soft batting.

Measuring your elastic | start from the corner of your right eye and gently pull around head to your left eye. Once measured, cut to desired length.

Stack your fabrics as shown in the picture above.

Pin around the edges and be sure to leave a spot with double pins 📍📍, to make it easy to turn your eye mask right side out.

Start sewing at the one side of the double pins📍📍. Sew all around the edge, but leave about a 2 inch opening to turn your eye mask right side out.

Trim the edges to make it easier to turn your eye mask right side out.

Turn right side out and sew the edges for a clean finish.

Once turned inside out, sew around the edges for a finished look.

Now you can get some much needed shut eye 😴💤

Watch the video: Clase de costura práctica: DIY Antifaz para dormir patrón gratis

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