How to make spiced pecans

Get everything together. This one moves really fast. You're not gonna have time to hunt for something in the middle of this.

Go ahead and mix the spices together and put them aside.

Dry roast the pecans over medium heat until they smell toasted. Should take about four minutes.

Remember to keep them moving. You don't want them to blacken... this isn't a Cajun recipe.

Add the butter, stirring until melted and all pecans are coated.

Don't get distracted because they're all shiny. Remember to keep the moving. Burning is bad.

Add the spices, aaaaand


Stir until mixed. They'll look gritty, but don't worry it won't last.

Now add the brown sugars and stir.

Now add the water. You'll hear a sizzle... it's a good thing.

Keep stirring for 2 to 3 minutes. You'll notice it start to thicken.

Mmmmmm, thickening...


Take them off the heat and move them to a sheet pan lined with parchment paper or a silicone mat. Don't use wax paper. The pecans will still be very hot. Waxy spiced pecans wouldn't be that tasty.

Spread them out and let them cool.

Don't forget to clean that pan.

Really, do it now. If you wait till later you'll be sorry.

I hope you enjoy it! I made a video of the cooking process, but it's a little too long for SnapGuide (2:42).

Watch the video: Sweet and Spicy Pecan Recipe Oven Roasted Pecans

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