How to make a chicken & veggie super wrap

Cook your chicken (bake or sautée). Cut into bite sized pieces and add your favorite flavor combinations here. Sriracha or herbs/spices or any homemade sauce that you know the contents of.

Chicken, onion, pepper, spinach or chicken, broccoli, pepper, snow pea, onion, pineapple? Experiment and try new veggies; sparingly at first.

More veggies and sriracha chicken. There are a couple of frozen vegetable medleys that could save even more time if you prefer. You can also precut and freeze your own favorites.

Cheese is optional. Jalepeno here. Doesn't take much.

Use a large wrap. Apply mayo, sriracha, avocado/mango spread or any other flavor booster. Put 3/4 c of chicken/veggie medley and top with cheese.

Fold the wrap. Start by folding up an edge and then continue around folding in a piece as you go. The last piece should cover the center. If not it is probably too full.

Carefully place it folded side down on a heated griddle or frying pan. Cook til brown and flip if necessary (depending on griddle or pan). 3-4 minutes each side.

If you pre cooked the inside contents and had them refrigerated be sure to warm them before making the wrap.

Enjoy! Oh how delicious. And the flavors and textures. Plus it's a quick and easy cook & clean up.

Watch the video: Tortilla Chicken Wrap

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