How to create a unique canvas piece

Prep canvases by priming them with the clear gesso.

Once prepped with clear gesso, allow to dry overnight.

Once dried, apply your base color to your canvas.

Use any pattern (or paintbrush size) that suits your aesthetic.

I made multiple canvases and used different patterns.

Allow these to dry overnight.

Once dried, use your next acrylic color to create another pattern on your canvas.

Allow these to dry overnight.

Once dry, take you gold painters pen and prime it for use. Follow directions on the pen.

Outline the entire top part of the canvas.

I did a line down alternate sides for added designs.

Once complete, you should have a unique canvas piece that you can display in your office, home, etc.

Finished product ready to decorate your home, office, or gift to a friend!

Watch the video: 2-Piece Canvas ArtMultiple canvas Painting

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