How to make diamond album gift music box with graphic 45

Cut 3" width 5" high chipboard regular triangle (6pcs), cover the middle with paper

Then cover with lace

Adhere on papers on the two sides of the triangles, leave one inch lace in the middle

If you have a problem of fading cut edges, use lighter to help

Use connecting strips to connect the 6pcs triangles and cover inside with papers

To hide the gap, glue on lace trims and for decoration as well

Hexagon is 6" diameter, 3" each side, if you can't find template like this, use the shape you just finish to trace. Ready 6pcs trapezoid with 2" top and 3" bottom, link and cover the middle with paper

Turn over and adhere papers.

Use connecting strips and form into shape, glue on rose flower trim around the inside edge

Cut a piece of cotton around 3" diameter

Cut a piece of satin around 5" diameter

Glue on the cotton in the middle

Then glue on the satin

Cut hexagon chipboard pieces with 4" diameter (2pcs), cut out 3" hexagon from one of the pieces

Adhere acetate on the frame one and trim

Cover the chipboard with paper

Put beads inside and glue on the chipboard acetate cover

Use the 3" hexagon leftover to make the level inside the diamond, adhere on trim and mark the place which fix the music box

Cover with paper and fix the music box, decorate and glue inside the diamond, better to use strong glue since you need to turn the music box key

Ready another 4" diameter hexagon, decorate with papers, trims and paper flowers

Cut few pieces of 4-1/2" diameter hexagon cardstock and 4" diameter pattern paper, ready, punch holes and tie them together with trims

Adhere on the back of the diamond top and decorate, here you need to glue the wired trim under the album to make the opening. Before adhering the album, you can add some flower fussy cuttings

Add trim and pearl trim to finish the basic

All parts are done, fussy cut a pattern and use strong double sided tape to link the top and the bottom part of the diamond, and done, you can now work on the decoration outside

Use chipboard die-cuts to hold the ribbons for the diamond opening

Add fussy cuttings behind and in front of the chipboard pieces

Use part of the fussy cutting pattern to fit for the diamond shape

If you would like to show show off the diamond beads in the middle of he window, glue it down with some smaller beads by the foot to support

Put your gift with your decoration inside the diamond

You can even use the paper flowers as your ring bed

Watch the video: Folio Mini Album Tutorial Part 1. Graphic 45 Love Notes

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