How to make a valentine's day gift bag

Start with a 12"x12" piece of paper. Cut off a 5" wide piece.

Score folds on the paper as follows: Add a score line to both long sides 1" from each edge. Then score lines 5.25" from edges on both of the shorter ends, leaving you a 1.5" middle square section.

Fold according the lines and cut the base flaps loose from the side ones. Cut tiny triangles away from the flaps, like trimming the corners off.

Shape the side flaps into triangles. Align your paper cutter so that the cutting line goes from the bottom right corner of the flap to the top left corner as shown in the picture.

After trimming all the side flaps, add a window to the box with a punch. Adhere a piece of transparency inside the punched shape to make a window.

Start constructing the gift bag. Adhere the main back sides to the bottom flaps on both sides while leaving the main front unglued.

Put your candy inside the box.

Using the Prima adhesive tape, adhere the front sides to the bottom and side flap. Secure the closing by stapling the front and the back together if needed.

Fold a doily in half and adhere to the top of the box (concealing the possible staple.) Add a Prima bloom & other embellishments in place. Your gift bag is now ready to be given to your sweetheart!

Watch the video: Valentines Day Gift Baskets DIY

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