How to cook sweet potato and red onion rosti

Turn your oven on to 180-200c

Take a couple of sweet potatoes and a red onion


Slice the onion

Grate the potato

Place in a large bowl and season well with salt

"Scrunch" in salt with your hands

Place a tray in the oven

Heat some coconut oil in a pan

Squeeze out excess water from the potato mixture

Should look like this once squeezed

Place in hot pan

Spread out

Flatten with a spatula

Fry until golden on bottom

Place some coconut oil on hot oven tray

If rosti looks dry add more coconut oil

Turn rosti out on to hot oven tray

Heat a little more on stove

Place in oven for 10-20 mins depending on thickness of rosti and oven heat


I like mine with bacon and poached eggs! One will serve 2-4 people depending on what your serving it with! :) enjoy!! Let me know any questions or comments!

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