How to make vw t5 door pocket liners

Here's what you'll need (apart from the carpet). I had to contact adhesive and may left over from trimming the van.

I roughly drew the shapes needed for each door pocket. When I get time I will do a vector version and attached for you to down load and print out.

I cut one out flipped it and drew around it in reverse for the opposite door.

These are the bottom door pockets.

Here's some of the left over mat I wanted to use up.

Spray some of this on and stick down.

All stuck

Now spray the edges

Trim and fold back

Finished reverse

Finished front. If I was going to give or sell these to someone I would cut a blank panel to size and glue to the reverse to hide the folds but I'm not bothered about it for my van.

Finished upper and lower.

All done

Here's the annoying plastic door pockets that allow everything in them to slide up and down.

Here's they are with the inserts attached (double sided tape if you want to)

Looks neat.

And no more sliding.

Watch the video: Van Life - Carpeting the Van Roof - VW Auto-Sleeper

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