How to pair a basil coconut smoothie + curate bar

Unexpected pairings are kind of our jam. Salty and sweet, dark and mysterious, painterly and patterned -- these combos are some of our favorites. And the snack department is no exception.

That is why we were thrilled to pair up (pun very much intended) with Curate to create a bar and beverage pairing that will seriously uplevel your next afternoon snack break.

Inspired by the combo of dark chocolate, pistachios and strawberries, we created an herbaceous smoothie designed to pair perfectly with Curate's Irresistible Dark Chocolate bar.

Place pineapple chunks, basil leaves, spinach leaves, hemp seeds, coconut milk and lime juice into a blender.

Blend until combined.

Pour into a glass.

Garnish with coconut flakes. You can also toss in a basil leaf if you want a little extra green.

For more delicious beverage and Curate bar pairings, click here:

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