How to make ashtaقشطة (middle eastern sweet)

5 slices of white american bread= 250 g

Put them in a food processor

Rice them

Powder the mastic gum. Unless you have it in powder... Easier to use. And if you don't have it it is not a problem.

The mastic powdered

In a casserole put the bread crumbs and 650 g double whipping cream + (200 g double cold cream in a container on the side.)

Cover with cling film. The film should be placed in contact with the cream so it will not form a crust while cooling. When It Is cold, refrigerate and it will b ready to serve. Or to use.

Put in a recipient

Watch the video: Middle Eastern Sweet Cheese Dessert. حلاوة الجبن. #Recipe297CFF. #cffrecipes

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