How to create a canvas with watercolor

Start stamping the image you have selected and then paint using watercolors to create different effects and textures. Everyone likes to paint in a certain way, do as you prefer.

Cut out the images painted and set aside.

Paint the canvas with water soluble oils pastels with the colors you prefer. I used his fingers to paint and dried with hot heater.

Use a stencil and modeling paste to create texture and effect on your canvas.

Paste stamped images in the canvas and some flowers.

Apply some mélanges on canvas.

Pass the ink pad on the canvas edges.

Stamp across the edge creating an effect.

Apply glitter on the title and paste on canvas.

With white Posca pen make splashes.

Watch the video: How to PAINT WATERCOLOUR on CANVAS. seascape painting, TECHNIQUES and FUN project IDEAS

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