How to make healthy breakfast bagels

Ingredients:gluten free flour, baking powder, seeds (sunflower and lintseeds), eggs, salt, coconut oil

Almond flour (organic type + fat reduced).

Tools: bowl, spatula, teaspoon, tablespoon, measuring jug, doughnut tray (Non-stick), bowl for egg white

Tools: casserole

Mix all det ingredients except seeds

Heat coconut oil (carefully)

Mix wet ingredients into the dry

Put into doughnut tray ( greased with a small amount of coconut oil). Use a food-brush to smear the egg white on top of each doughnut. Garnish with mixed seeds.

Heat for 10-15 mins on 175 degrees celcius.

When done wait 5-10 mins before you take the doughnuts out of the tray. Enjoy 😋🍴

Watch the video: Bagel Sandwiches 3 Ways! Quick u0026 Healthy Lunch Recipes. Alvarado Street Bakery

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