How to make a wooden cutting board

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Step 1 measure all pieces of wood to make sure they are all the same add the dowels to put it together to see how it looks then take it apart again.

After measuring and practicing you have to insert all dowels and glue each piece of wood together with titebond3 ultimate wood glue it's safe for anything you cut.

After you are done gluing you need to use clamps to hold it tight in place while you wipe off all the extra glue dripping from your board.

After taking away the extra glue you leave the glue dry so your cutting board doesn't break you have to wait about a half hour until you can move on to the next step

After it dries up you will use a hand saw to cut the dowels out of the ends of the board

After you finish cutting the dowels if you want it nice and smooth you will have to sand it down with a palm sander witch should take about 20 minutes

Then finally when you have finished sanding your board you will use FDA mineral oil to make the colour of your board POP but you will have to do it 3 times wait 5 minutes between so it kinda soaks in

After oiling your cutting board grab a cloth to wipe it so there's no left over oil on the board then wait about ten minutes

And when u have completed all these steps you are ready to add on the cheese and crackers and enjoy your homemade cheese board 😎

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