How to cook chocolate covered matzah brittle

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Preheat oven to 350 F

Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper or nonstick aluminum foil. If you use regular aluminum foil, you will be picking off little pieces of aluminum from the matzah brittle as your new last step.

Break matzah into pieces and fit them on the cookie sheet like a puzzle. It's best to leave as little space in between matzah pieces as possible.

In a small frying pan, heat the butter until its completely melted. I always chop it up so it melts faster.

Add that brown sugar and stir over medium heat until completely dissolved.

Beginning of stirring. This is quite possibly the best smell on Earth.

Pour caramelized butter and sugar mixture over the matzah pieces. It doesn't need to be perfect and its okay if some gets in between the pieces. Don't be so hard on yourself!

This is exactly how it will look when you are done.

Put it in the oven. 350 F for 15 min. After 10 it will be bubbling. Don't be scared. This is perfect. Wait 5 more minutes and take it out.

After a minute of cooling sprinkle chocolate chips all over the matzah. Like a boss.

Let those chips wait a minute until they get soft and sticky icky.

After a minute or so spread the chocolate all over the matzah. Try to cover as much as you can.

Yours should look exactly like this.

I transferred mine to a cooling rack. Not necessary but it feels good to do it. Let it cool at room temp for 30 minutes. Go watch an episode of New Girl or something.

After 30 minutes (if you watched New Girl... Isn't Schmidt funny??) put the whole sheet in the fridge. You most likely will need to shift some stuff around. Try throwing out the old cheese.

Boom! This is how it will look after 30 minutes in the fridge. Try to resist eating the whole thing now. It will give you a heart attack. Seriously. Pace yourself.

Break it into about 25 pieces or so.

Put the pieces in a Tupperware. Put Tupperware in fridge. Pace yourself. Moderation is key with this stuff.

Leave a few out for yourself. You deserve a reward.

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