How to make 5 ingredient chocolate graham toffee bars

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Here's all you'll need! 1 box graham crackers, 1 bag milk choc chips, 1 cup crushed plain pot chips, 1 stick butter and 1cup brown sugar

Take two sheet pans and cover w tin foil

Lay 12 whole Graham crackers on each sheet pan. They will fit perfectly

Over low heat, melt butter and brown sugar just enough to incorporate

Spread evenly over both sheet pans

Bake at 350° for about 8 minutes

Next sprinkle a bag of milk chocolate chips evenly over both pans. I return the pans to the oven (make sure the heat has turned OFF) and let sit in warm oven a few minutes

Softened chocolate

ATTENTION everyone that is ruining chocolate with nuts. Stop that. Instead, we use crushed plain potato chips..sprinkle all over tops of each pan

Mix and spread evenly. Place in fridge for about 30 min to an hour

Break up and store in container. Enjoy!

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