How to make a chemical injector for your irrigation

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2 gallon pump sprayer with a brass nozzle

Remove brass nozzle tip and file tip to create channels for chemical to pass.

Insert tip into the 1/4" vinyl hose. Use thread on the nozzle to secure hose

Using a punch make a small hole in your poly tubing/drip tape.

Using the the larger side of the punch expand the hole.

Insert the 18" long 1/4" poly tube into the larger poly tubing.

Insert the 1/4" poly tube into the other end of the 1/4" vinyl hose. Make sure it is in at least an inch.

Fill sprayer with water and fertilizer, crop protection chemicals, compost tea, etc. Ensure that you follow all labels associated with the injected products.

Once you are done injecting. Remove the 1/4" poly tube from the 1/4" vinyl hose and fold the poly tube in half. Secure using a small piece of drip tape or poly tube.

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