How to create a mini canvas that pops by kathy adams

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Apply Mud through the Crackle Stencil to the surface of the canvas. Let it dry completely.

Paint Reef Velvet over the top and sides of the canvas, covering the texture completely. I like to start with Velvets because they are more opaque. They finish with more shimmery mediums.

While the canvas is still wet, spray Waimea Bay Colorations Spray and let it pool in the crevices. Let everything dry. Art Anthology mediums are made for layering.

Now cover the canvas with Honolulu Blue Sorbet, which will add shimmer to the background. Set aside to dry completely.

Next, mix together Amber Gemstones, Mayan Gold Velvet and Mud to make a bright golden yellow color. This color is really going to stand out against the deep blue background.

Swipe the mixture through the Explore stencil using a palette knife. Let this layer dry for about an hour. Use a heat tool if you want to speed up the process.

Paint the sides of the canvas with Reef Velvet and Honolulu Blue Sorbet. When this dries, paint a coat of Blue Topaz Gemstones to give it a gemlike shimmer.

Spray Gilded Gold Colorations Spray on the top and let dry. I wanted the background to have a golden glimmer and this Spray does the trick!

Add the embellishments. Measure the sides from the center and evenly space 3 gold upholstery tacks to each side.

Since the gem that I found was clear, I colored it with a yellow Copic marker to match the canvas. The ink will stay in place because they are alcohol based markers.

By using contrasting colors, I kept the project simple but get striking results. I kept wanting to add something, but I didn't need to! Try combining purples and yellows, or pinks and greens.

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