How to create a chest of drawers by louise nelson

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Begin by selecting basic supplies, small wooden chest of drawers and Archival cast figureheads.

Apply a coat of heavy black gesso to both the chest of drawers and cast figureheads.

When the gesso is dry apply a coat of white crackle medium to drawer fronts and top surface of chest, allow to dry

When crackle medium is dry apply a coat of spray gold foil paint to both the chest of drawers and cast. remove some of the gold paint from the cast to highlight the facial features and hair.

To distress use a moist baby wipe and remove gold paint along the edges of the drawers and edges of chest. Allow to dry.

To complete attach the cast figure heads to front of drawers with a strong clear drying glue, these will be use as drawer pulls.Apply a light mist of Vintage coal this gives it the speckled look

A gorgeous finish!

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