How to use iod décor transfers on furniture

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Today we are transforming this lifeless storage piece, with one of the GORGEOUS IOD Decor Transfers! It is SO SIMPLE! Now I want to add these Rub On Decor Transfers on everything in site!

This particular Transfer had lines around it, since it is going on the door to this unit that is smaller than the decor transfer, I am simply trimming those lines off. Easy peezy!

Next just hold the transfer up to the cabinet front, with the backing still on, to make sure the placement is correct and that nothing else needs to be trimmed! Looks good to me!

Peel the protective backing off the decor transfer!

Then being sure to center your piece, push it onto your surface. I usually just rub firmly with my hands and fingers first to get some good adhesion.

Then, just to be sure all the spots have good contact, I use a bone folder on the scripted areas that are smaller, and on the flowers.

Then just rub it all over... just to make sure it's all transferred over.

Start to slowly peel back the cover film from one corner. If you see any spots that didn't transfer just push the film back in place and rub more in that area. Mine went on perfectly!

After the film is off, I just use my hand to smooth the surface. If you wanted to sand it for a more distressed look, now would be the time for that! That is a HUGE difference with these transfers!

But I am happy with the way mine has turned out, so that's it for me! A little decor ink, or oil pastels added on the edges seals the deal!

You can seal the transfer at this point with a furniture spray sealer, or with a brush of matte or glossy gel!

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