How to make easy deviled eggs with french made easy

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Everything you need. This is one of our favorite summer BBQ treats - especially because we can make them with 8 unique flavors. This one is made with our French blend, but Smokin' Chipotle is amazing!

This is how a perfectly "hard" cooked egg should look for this recipe. You want to make sure the yolk is thoroughly cooked. It's easy to under cook so follow our tips on "steaming" the eggs.

Have you ever tried to peel the egg shell off a boiled egg and it tears the egg up? If so - try this tip instead. Using a steam basket - bring a couple inches of water to a full boil....(continue)

Add the eggs and cover. Let them "STEAM" for 12-15 minutes. We find 15 minutes works great, but it also depends on how large (or small) your eggs are. Immediately place the eggs in an bowl of...

ice water until they are cooled. Peel away - they shell should come off with easy and your eggs will look perfect!

Cut the eggs in half, remove yolk and place them in a bowl.

Take a fork, or use you fingers - whatever you prefer - to break up the yolk. Nobody likes a chunky deviled egg! The smoother the better.

Add the rest of the ingredients (except the chives) to the yolks!

Mix well. You can even use an electric mixer for a smooth and creamy mixture!

If you have a piping bag - GREAT! It makes it 1000 times easier to fill the egg whites. ** A little tip ** place the bag in a large glass, then fill it!

Gently squeeze the bag until you fill the egg with as much of the yolk mixture you like!

Garnish with some diced chives and sprinkle on a small pinch of French Made Easy. Enjoy - let us know what you think! Go to our website for more recipes: and to order our blends!

Perfection! Such great flavor and so easy to make. Everyone at your BBQ will come back for more...and more...and more!

As a special to all our Snapguide friends - if you use the code "snapguide" on our website, you will save 25% on your order. That's basically 1 free for every 4 seasonings you buy - we have 9 to try!

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