How to create a faux rusted gridwork background

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Here's a picture of the rusted painted metal gridwork effect we are going to recreate.

Cover a piece of card with Barn Door Distress Paint and dry completely.

Add Gathered Twigs and Walnut Stain Distress Paints to your craft mat with a little water and push your card into it. Dry and repeat the process over different parts of the card.

Emboss your dried card with a gridwork embossing folder or create marks with an embossing too. Apply a little Brushed Pewter and Stormy Sky Distress Paint over the raised areas with a brayer.

Finally swipe your card through Fired Brick Distress Stain and whilst wet sprinkle over Vintage Photo Distress Embossing Powder. Heat to dry, then rub gently to remove the release crystals.

I layered this rusted background onto ink stencilled card and added a stamped coloured image, various textured die cuts and lettering. What would you add to it?

Watch the video: HALLOWEEN HOW-TO: Realistic Rust Paint Using Spray Adhesive


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