How to create art anthology and melissa frances based lo

Start with preparing paper. I glued sobe paper pieces of the same paper, to cover some designs from the background.

Choose the photo.

Add some Plush coloration spray through the stencil.

Putt all embelishments on the page, to see how the composition will fit together.

Create the background with stamp and gesso.

Just here and there.

Add more texture with Pixie.

Paint the embellishments with Pixie and Dazzle.

More Dazzle..

And microbeads..

Pixie with microbeads...

Glue it all on the page, put some 3d foam or chipboards between the layers.

Apply some Dazzle around the composition.

Add some cequins on the top of Dazzle.

Add some stamps with black ink.. complete the composition.

Create some random splashes with Raider coloration spray.

Add some more doodling with White Sharpie.

It's finished.

Watch the video: Witchy Journal #12. Magazine Mixed Media Collage Art Journal

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