How to make a gluten-free oreo ice cream

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Gather all the ingredients

Separate the filling from the cookies and reserve about 8 halves for later

Add to a large ziplock bag and crumble

Roll until you have a thin flour

Add to a medium bowl

Add the can of condensed milk

Mix well and set aside

In a large bowl add 2 cans of heavy cream using the can from the condensed milk. I used media cream and it didn't fluff too much

Mix well until fluff

This should be a solid

Add the cookie mixture

Combine well

Add to the freezer for about 10 minutes

Add 1/2 cookie crumbs and blobs of the cookie filling

Swirl to combine

Add a second layer but this time don't combine everything

Bring to freezer until ready to serve

It is yummy and very rich


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