How to turn aluminum cans into utensil holders

First gather all of the supplies you will need. I have included several colors of spray paint but you can pick whatever color suits you best.

Using your can opener remove the top of your aluminum can.

This is what your can should look like after removing the top!

Now it is time for you to pick out what color you want to paint your cans. I am choosing black and metallic bright gold for my cans because these are my school colors. Go Mustangs!

Grab your cans, paint, and gloves and head outside to start painting! (Remember: Make sure to wash out your cans and dry them before you paint)

Once you finish painting all of your cans make sure to give them plenty of time to dry completely. (30 minutes to an hour)

Now it's time to glue your cans together!

Now that you have all of your cans glued together it's time to punch your holes for the rope!

Punch your holes for the rope on each side of your cans. You can check the next two pictures for examples.

Now that you have both of your holes attach your rope to each side. (I just double knot at both ends of the rope.

Rope is now attached to both sides.

Once you have your rope connected you can now fill up your cans with whatever you like. (Ex. Pens, Pencils, Colored Pencils, Straws, Eating Utensils) You can use whatever you like! Make it your own!

This is your finished product!!

Here is another example of the utensil holder but I used ribbon instead of rope. Happy Crafting!

Watch the video: Kitchen Utensil Holder idea in a minute

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