How to recover lost/deleted data from iphone ipad ipod

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Don’t worry! iOS Data Recovery Tool can help you to recover media files: Contacts, video, Pictures, SMS, Call History, Notes, Calendar, Voice Memos, Reminders and Safari Bookmarks etc.

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to the computer Download, install and run iOS Data Recovery. Connect your iDevice to the computer via USB cable.

Step 2: Enter DFU mode to scan your iDevice Follow the steps below to get into DFU mode. 1) Hold your device and hit on "Start" button in the interface of your iDevice.

2) Hold on "Power" and "Home" buttons at the same device for exact 10 seconds. The program will count the time for you just hold the two buttons after step 1.

3) When the 10 seconds gets over, release the "Power" button, but keep holding "Home" button. After another 10 sec, you will be informed that you have entered into DFU mode now release "Home" button

The software will start scanning your device for lost data and you will get the following interface.

Step 3: Preview & selectively recover files After scanning the device the found data will be displayed in categories like contacts, messages, call history, camera roll, notes, voice memos and safari

Hit on “Recover” button to restore them on your computer in just one click.

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