How to cook barbecue ribs(asian-style)

Rinse then lightly dry* the ribs with paper towel. *allows the sugar and sauce to stay on the meat for better marination

Cut into strips

Marinate the ribs in sugar for 30 minutes

While the ribs are being marinated in sugar. Put all sauces, salt, shallot, peeled garlic, wine into a blender.

Blend all ingredients for a couple of seconds.

Marinate the ribs overnight, make sure all rib surfaces are covered in the beautifully blended sauce

Preheat oven to 350'F or 180'C. Bake for 25 mins, brush on some liquid honey, then bake for an additional 5 mins. Turn the ribs over, repeat the 30 mins baking with honey within the last 5 mins.

They are finger-licking gooooood! Bon app├ętit!

Watch the video: 4-ingredient Spicy Pork Ribs Korean-Style - Marions Kitchen

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