How to make juicy burger pattys

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Cut your crustless bread into 1/4in squares.

Add milk.

Smash the bread & milk into a paste with a fork.

add kosher salt

add black pepper.

add garlic. i put my garlic into a garlic press. You can mince it well.


Add worcestershire

add ketchup

mix it up

add the ground beef

add the sliced scallions. it should probably be thinner but i don't mind this thickness. did you?

when you mix the meat try as best as possible to not over mix and squeeze the meat. you want it to gently mix it so the meat doesn't become a tight clump.

form your patties

i think i cooked this on medium heat. gauge it. you don't want to burn it if you see the bottom brown too much before the edges can cook up lower the heat.

when it browns flip a dee doo. brown the other side. shoot i don't remember how long it took.

shove that patty in between buns and enjoy. i think we used muenster cheese and pepperjack as choices here. and applewood smoked bacon.

your nephew approves.

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