How to retherm breakfast hash with soft boiled eggs

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Soft Boiled Egg Snapguide:

Plate cold hash and cold soft boiled eggs on serving dishes. (store for retherming later in walk-in)

Follow Steps in Alto-Shaam Combi to retherm plates: Preheat 350F

Second Step: Convection Mode 275F for 5 minutes

Third Step: Combi Mode 275F for 30 seconds

Fourth Step: Convection Mode 275F for 3 minutes.

Remove plate from the oven and place in an Alto-Shaam preheated holding cabinet. (160F)

Hash and Eggs are plenty hot after holding!

Top with hollandaise sauce and smoked paprika. Serve!

Even after an hour in holding the egg is still perfectly soft boiled and food is all hot!

Watch the video: How to Make Fancy Soft Boiled Eggs with Toast Soldiers 糖心蛋 + 烤麵包條 食譜


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