How to 12 recipes to make next level rice krispie treats

1. Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispy Treats: We wait all year for the PSL so naturally we'd like pumpkin spice in EVERYTHING. Get started with these pumpkin spice Rice Krispy treats.

Lemonade Rice Krispie Treats: These treats are the perfect dessert for warmer weather celebrations. Now you can finally use that old container of powdered lemonade for something!

Coconut Date Krispy Balls: These little guys are the perfect sweet treat for the holidays... or any time of year. The Rice Krispy treat is all grown up now.

Marshmallow Crunch Brownie Bars: These bars are part brownie, part s’more + part Rice Krispy treat. Could you imagine something more decadent?

Watermelon Krispy Treat: This fruity take on your fave snack is great for the summer. Put the slices on a stick + you'll have the perfect handheld dessert for your next party.

Salted Brown Butter Krispie Treats: These may LOOK like boring Rice Krispie treats but they are far from it. We love how the nutty browned butter with salt changes *everything*.

Candy Sushi: These adorable sushi look-alikes are a kid-friendly activity that are delicious and budget friendly.

M&M Rice Krispy Treats: Add an easy pop of color to the admittedly drab looking Rice Krispy treat. You can even get the seasonal M&M's to quickly make a holiday themed dessert.

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Rice Krispies: We already know that peanut butter + chocolate are a match made in heaven. It's fair to say that these bars would be ah-mazing.

Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats: These little guys are *dangerously* good. They're a fun + easy treat to make for a Halloween party or class treats.

Chocolate Granola Bars: Rice Krispy treats are usually a guilty pleasure but this recipe is filled with oats, nuts + seeds, making it a healthy, vegan, gluten-free alternative.

The Original: You can't go wrong with a classic.

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