How to make breakfast scrambled eggs by george.

Step one,get out all your ingredients were you can see them so it's easy to reach them.

Step two,get your pan and preheat on medium while making the other ingredients.

Step three, wash all you your vegetables because some of them like potatoes for example have dirt on them still.

Step four, cut your vegetables into smaller pieces, for the potatoes you need to peel them before cutting them. Warning, if you are younger then 10, please have a parent or guardian cut for you.

Step five, crack two eggs and put them into a bowl. Get your salt, pepper, vegetable pieces and frozen grated cheese and mix them with a whisk.

Step six, turn off your stove, put either cooking spray or canola oil in it either is fine and then dump the mix in the pan.

Step 7, use your spatula to swish the eggs from side to side until you see that all the egg and vegetables are cooked.

Step eight, put your cooked scrambled eggs on a plate with some ketchup and eat it with a fork and knife.

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