How to do the roundhouse kick - part 2

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Take your regular stance.

Bring the rear leg forward, knee bent and pointing towards the target.

as you strike, root the standing foot to the floor. This will give you a powerful anchor point. The body weight is transferred through the "root", particularly the heel, and the target simultaneously.

one options is to thrust off the target (bouncing off in effect), driving yourself through the same path you kicked so that you land in the exact same position you started from.

you can also snap off the target and land forwards. This is useful for travelling forwards after the kick, perhaps to link with another kick as you advance forwards.

see the feet back into a guarding stance.

The kick can be done to the lower section, such as the thigh or knee.

You can kick higher by leaning the body and head back slightly to tilt the hips forwards. However, avoid passively leaning back, engage the whole body when kicking, otherwise you will lose balance.

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