How to make autumn leafs with graphic45

Cut out leafs with your die or punch.

Ink all edges . You don't have to be precise, it can be a bit rough .

Spray your leafs with water . We want them to be quite wet. Then leave them for a minute to soak water in.

Crumple each one of them into a small paper ball.

Add some ink to your craft sheet straight from the pad and add one pump-press of water.

Stir your leafs in the ink solution and mash a little bit - they suppose to absorb all the color.

Dry them naturally or with the heat gun. They become quite sturdy and while drying you may unwrinkled them but just a little bit.

When they dry they ready to use. They will be perfect dimensional add-on to your autumn projects !!

Watch the video: How to Make Autumn Leaves for Handmade Cards

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