How to create fall decor

Step 1: Gather supplies.

Step 2: Prep your work station.

Step 3: Use one sponge brush, and paint the 4 mason jars with the white chalk paint.

Step 4: Let jars dry for 30-45 minutes.

Step 5: Use the letter stencils and burnt orange paint to write "Fall" (one letter per jar).

Step 6: Let paint dry for 30-45 minutes.

Step 7: Cut flower stems to size of mason jar (cut to the length they fit most nicely in the jar).

Step 8: Separate into 4 bundles (one bundle for each jar).

Step 9: Place flowers in jars and arrange neatly.

Step 10: Clean up your workplace.

Step 11: Find a place for your decorations!

Watch the video: Dollar Tree DIY Porch Fall Decor. DIY Outdoor Pumpkin Planter

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