How to make mason jar lid pumpkin

Paint all Lids with orange spray paint. Make sure to get every part of lid covered. Two coats might be required. Let dry.

Feed mason jar lids onto 1 of the zip ties. Two people might be required for this task.

After one zip tie, your mason jar lids will start to look more like a pumpkin!

Fee the other zip tie through

Move the mason jar lids into a pumpkin shape. It may take awhile depending on how tight you make your zip ties.

Spray paint the whole thing one more time to ensure full coverage.

Add glue to the middle of the pumpkin. Make sure you have something underneath because the glue will leak through.

Stick the cinnamon sticks in the glue and hold until glue becomes tacky.

Wrap green wire around your finger or pencil to create a spring.

Put the wire in the wet glue.

Let everything dry overnight and you're finished!

Watch the video: DIY Mason Jar Glow in the Dark

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