How to cook strawberry jam empanadas

First: Mix all the ingredients together and work with your hands until the dough begins to incorporate well and does not stick to your hands .

And it should look like this

Next- roll out the dough and with a cup make circles on it

Add the strawberry jam. Don't put to much jam on it because it would melt and the empanadas would stick on the pan.

Fold the empanada and with a fork make a little decoration around

It should look like this

Put them in the oven to 360 degree for 35 minutes

After 30 minutes check the empanadas and if the bottom of the empanada is brown flip the empanadas and put them back in the oven for 5 more minutes.

Let the empanadas cool down for 3 minutes. Put the sugar in a plastic bag add three empanadas and shake the bag until the empanadas are completely covered with sugar.

And DONE the empanadas are ready 😋

Watch the video: Strawberry Jam. સટરબરજમ બળક ન ફવરટ રસપ Quick and easy recipe in 15 minutes

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