How to remove the smells from pickle and sauce jars


Here is an up close picture of the size bar I used its a .6 oz bar

Drop one soap into each jar

Fill with some warm water

Put the tops back on

Here is a closer pic


Flip them upside down after you have shook them all, i have slacked a little and let my collection stack up

Here is one about 6 hours old

The bar stuck to the top

Now let your jars set for a day or even just forget about them for a week when you open them rinse them with hot water and the smell should be gone.

Now what ever food you put in the jars will not have an odor from the jar top.

This here is a very large jar that used to be a pickle jar I got from Costco I used about 5 different smelling soaps and water in this jar and let it sit for a week now I keep smelly free sugar in it.

Watch the video: How to Easily Open Up a Jar of Pickles EASY!!

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