How to create an autumn basket

Gather your tools and supplies. The gourds and mum were purchased at the local farmer's market and nursery. The rest of the supplies were from the dollar store.

Unroll the raffia and place it in the basket.

Make a hole in the raffia in one corner, and in it place the potted mum.

Prep five leaves or more (use an idd number for aesthetics). Attach wire to the stem by wrapping florists wire around both.

Set them aside once they are all ready. Leave some of your leaves loose without wire attached.

Unroll the wired ribbon.

Fold the ribbon in half and cut at an angle.

Use sharp fabric scissors if you want a nice, clean edge ( I didn't 😉).

Cut 3 pieces of wire each 6" long and fold them in half making a small, open open loop.

Pinch the ribbon half way along its length, and slide the wire over it so the ribbon is caught in the loop. Twist the florist wire.

Use pliers to help close up the loop and trap the ribbon.

Do this with the remaining 2 pieces of wire, placing them approximately 12 inches from the ends of the ribbon.

Separate the berry spike stems by cutting with wire cutters.

Place the ribbon. Poke the centre wire into the soil just inside the rim of the pot.

Do the same with the other 2 pieces. Twist the ribbon a bit, play around with the placement. I put one wire further into the pot and threaded the loose end of the ribbon out of the plant to hang.

Place the berries in the raffia and so they are overhanging the basket at the edge.

Bend the wire wrapped stem of the leaf.

Poke the wire into the soil just inside the rim of the pot. You want the leaves to hang over the edge.

Put some of the loose leaves around the post and throughout the raffia.

Place the larger gourd/squash in the basket.

Place the smaller ones.

Test out different placements until you are happy with how it looks.

Congratulate yourself on creating a beautiful Autumn basket.

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