How to make a cqc player on fallout 4

First make a character model, make take a few minutes to a few hours. It's all up to you

Go through the prologue and visit your baby

Meet with the Vault- Tec guy and fill out your S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes, and name your player

Find the Vault Entrance and the pip boy and open the door

Make any changes you'd like and leave the vault

As soon as you can find Hubris comics, be careful.

You should find a place like this, enter and clear the area

Reach the top floor and you should find a studio, come back here and find Gornaks Outfit and put it on

Next travel to Duneich borers, be prepared there are tough enemies here.

Go as far down into the quarry as you can till you find this hole with water. Go in it

Find this table with mini nukes and pick up the weapon.

Upgrade the BIG LEAGUES perk to the max, this make take a while because you need other perks and levels

And combined, you will be hacking and slashing your enemies in minutes

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