How to decorate a canvas with art anthology products!

Start out by covering your canvas in Gesso. I like to use a card and get a nice thick and even coat. Dry with a heat tool if desired.

With a craft spatula tool, and the BLOCKED Art Anthology Stencil, I spread over a couple random areas of the canvas.

A minute or two with my heat tool and it's ready for the next stencil.

I chose the CRACKED Art Anthology stencil and repeated the technique.

Next I used a Minx Shimmering Ink in PANACHE, and covered all the squares with a good quick coat.

Then then I sprayed it down with water.... love how it makes the color gather around the squares.

I blotted a little of the excess water off and dried it with my heat tool. You'll want to dry each step before adding the next. If you don't have a heat tool, they dry pretty fast on their own, too.

Next I blotted on some Sorbet- Dimensional Paint in CORAL on the Cracked stenciling.

I dry wiped some of the paint back off with a paper towel and dried it completely with my heat tool.

Adding just a touch of color I used a paint brush to dab some Metal Effects Paint in COPPER to the areas where the colors met.

The last color I added was a Colorations Color Spray in AVOCADO. Instead of spraying I used a paint brush to dip color right out of the bottle and applied it in a few spots that hadn't got color yet.

Now to deepen the color between those boarders, I opened my Copper Metal Effects Paint open and dabbed a little more.

Look at that! I love it!! Time to gather some embellishments! Flowers, ribbons, butterflies, glitter, trinkets....

I sprayed a paper doily with my AVACADO color spray and tucked it behind layers of pretty laces and ribbons.

My inspiration for this canvas were these butterflies! Love the color combination.

A few tiny drips of Panache Minx Ink here and there....

I use Fabritac for most gluing. Now I'll drown this little frame in glass glitter.

Look at that texture!

Look at those colors!


Thanks for stopping by! I hope I have inspired you to get messy and craft! Find your Art Anthology Products at

Watch the video: Art Anthology Water Technique Tutorial

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