How to fishing bass during fall months

Situations: Sunny or cloudy, calm or windy. Stained water around docks, logs and laydowns from the bank fish this in 7 feet of water.

Situation: Sun or clouds doesn't really matter, but I like to have just a little bit of wind." Shallow grass and rocks out to 7 feet deep.

Situations: Stained to dirty water on cloudy days with a relatively calm water surface around laydowns, logs and around dock. Works very well along rocky banks, rock, and on points.

Why to fish: Fishing a chatter bait around structure like grass and wood will get the attention of the bass and the blades spinning will create a reaction strike.

This is my favorite bait to throw because the bass hit these so hard in the fall. I usually get a blow up every time I go fishing. I like to fish them around docks, pads, grass, and shores!!

Situation: sunny/cloudy wind or no wind (doesn't matter) jig and bounce around cover like wood, grass, and docks. This will create a reaction strike.

Watch the video: Late Fall Early Winter Bass Fishing Tactics for Florida Lakes

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