How to teach your puppy tricks!

1st Step: Get your dog and a bag of small training treats. Get your dogs full attention.

2nd Step: Hold the treat straight above your dogs head and gently push down on his lower back.

3rd Step: Firmly say "sit" and praise him with a treat.

4th Step: Continue working with your dog and try doing this without pushing on his back.

5th Step: Repeat steps 2-4 multiple times until your dog can do this independently.

6th Step: Now that your dog can sit by himself, he will be able to learn more difficult tricks. Let's teach him how to shake.

7th Step: Make your dog sit, pick up his paw and firmly say shake! Reward him with a treat (repeat 5-7 times).

8th step: Now that he is used to this, try not to grab his paw, hold out your hand and say shake. If this is not successful, lightly tap the back of his leg.

9th Step: Repeat this method multiple times. He may need more then one training session to master this trick.

10th Step: Praise your dog, he got it! Continue working on these simple tricks to make sure he doesn't forget.

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