How to make a paper plate pumpkin

Gather your supplies, glue, paper plate, pipe cleaners (green), black paper, orange paint, paint brush, googly eyes, hole puncher and scissors.

Select the orange paint and paint brush best suited for the paper plate pumpkin.

Lay your paper plate over a protective surface and paint it orange.

Cut two eyes out of the black paper.

Cut a nose out of the black paper, it doesn't have to be triangular.

Cut a mouth out of the black paper, it can be personalized.

Glue on googly eyes to the black paper round eyes you cut out.

Glue the eyes, nose, and mouth onto the orange paper plate.

Take the hole puncher and punch a hole in the top center of the paper plate pumpkin.

Use the end of the paint brush to twist your pipe cleaners around and make them twirly. Thread the twirly pipe cleaners through the hole and twist them together at the base.

Watch the video: Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Slice Kid Craft

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