How to make a diy fall leaf candle jar

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For this DIY Fall candle jar you will need: A smooth mason jar, a hot glue gun, a bunch of fake fall leaves and a small tea light candle or a real candle.

Make sure to wash your mason jar so no oils or residue is on it. This will help the leaves last longer and prevent the glue from eroding.

Coat specific places of your mason jar with the hot glue, make sure to take your time with this.

Take a single fake fall leaf, place it over the hot glue and wait for it to dry.

Once the leaf is on the jar, hold down the leaf so it sits evenly on the jar and won't budge. Make sure to glue down parts that aren't sticking.

Repeat steps 3-5 by placing and gluing leaves all over your mason jar.

(Optional) Leave spaces in between your leafs so you can see through the jar.

Once done, wait 5 minutes for your jar to fully dry. An indication that it is done is that the glue under the leaf is cooled.

Take your tea light and turn it on. If you are using a real candle, place the candle into the jar first before lighting it. You may want to tape the candle down so it does not move in the jar.

Place the candle into the jar so the light shines through the negative space of your jar.

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