How to draw haute couture

First start off by drawing the base, the head, neck, collarbone, and half of the arm.

Then begin to draw the top of the dress, create the ruffles by drawing little "V" s connect the lines to make an hourglass figure, but don't connect the bottom right lines to the top.

Next, draw the bow on the dress. Draw a small circle that connects to the bottom of the dress, then draw a big circle not connected to the dress, finally draw a line connecting the two.

Now draw the bottom part of the dress, to do this draw outwards then come in.

Now draw the train of the dress by drawing two lines that extend out and connect them by drawing a scalloped line.

Add detail to the train by drawing short lines.

Now begin on the forehead and veil, draw a m shape for the forehead and connect the veil by drawing open "B"s.

Then draw two extending lines from the veil to make it flow free.

Add detail to the veil by drawing wavy little lines and adding dots.

Attach the elbow all the way to the wrist to the dress.

Add a title and artist's name, (Collins Pass) to save your artwork from plagiarism charges.

Watch the video: How to draw a fashion design haute couture Making of Gakat Noor-nib ファッションデザインの描き方オートクチュールの作り方

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