How to create a little book by jochen chen

First get the materials, you need to get ready a piece of paper , a ruler, a scissor and a A4 paper.

Then Fold the paper in half, remember to get the folded side down.

After Use the ruler to lengh the middle point remember to draw a dot on it.

Then fold the up half to the down half.

After do step 4 to the other the same.

Then use the scissors to cut to the middle dot that we drew in step 4. And get the cut place to the up side.

After fold it in half.

Then open it, it should look like the picture at top.

After use both your hands to pull the left to the left, right to the right.

Then fold it all the same way.

Finally draw something or write something on it!

Watch the video: Book artist Julie Chen, PROCESS episode

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