How to make a bed

Gather all supplies next to the bed

Clean off your bed

For the fitted sheet put your hand on top of the sheet to slide it inside the corner crease

Put the sheet with your hand in it at the corner of you bed

Fold down and tuck around corner (repeat these steps for all 4 corners of bed)

Tuck in any of the remaining fitted sheet under the mattress for all 4 sides of the bed

Place your flat sheet over the fitted sheet and lay flat

Tuck all sides of the flat sheet under the mattress EXCEPT at the head of the bed

Lay comforter or quilt on top of both sets of sheet

Make sure comforts is laying flat with little to no wrinkles

As an option you can pull the comforter down slightly at the head of the bed to make it easier to climb into the next time you go to sleep

Hold you pillow at your chin and pull pillowcase up the length of the pillow until it is completely inside the pillowcase

Place pillow(s) at the head of the bed

Add any personal pillow(s) or decorations to bed :)

Watch the video: Terraria: How to Make a Bed in - Terraria

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