How to make mini altered canvas

Cover small 7*5'' canvas with old book page and liquid gesso and let it dry.

Mix texture paste with Chocolate Sorbet and and Sandstone Stone effects paint and apply it over the Tick Tock stencil. Add some extra paste over the edges and let it dry.

Spray around one part of the canvas with Peacock Colorations spray and don't try to make of perfect as we are going to add more colors over the canvas. Let it be totally dry!

Spray with Plush Colorations Spray over the rest of the canvas and try to mix it a bit over the previous spray to get some other colors.

While waiting for the spray ro dry paint the bare chipboards with a basic Black Leather Jacket sorbet paint and a splash of Lagoon Velvet paint (just a small touches for patina effect. ). Let it dry.

Arrange all painted and dry chipboards over the canvas and glue them with gel medium.

Add some Crackle glaze around the chipboards. It's not so much for the crackles, but mostly to add some micro beads and gold leaves into and to get some glazed areas around the art piece.

While your glaze it still wet add a bit of copper and teal micro beads and a splash of gold leaves over the canvas. Stamp a few strips on the flat non covered places with black ink.

Here are some close- ups to this art canvas. Micro beads and gold leaves clearly seen.

And the upper part of this canvas close- up. The paint was added with fingers for the dimension.

Watch the video: Tutorial - Mixed Media - Altered Canvas

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