How to glue down images neatly

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Glueing down images is no art form but following some easy tips can make the difference of your work looking messy or neat and professional

Make sure to glue right to the edge of your image.

Have a piece of paper underneath to stop your work top getting sticky, you may have to turn over you paper or replace a couple of times to stop your images from getting dirty/sticky

Cover your image with a scrap piece of paper and rub over with a piece of fabric/tissue. This will stop your image from getting dirty and allow you to easy press down the whole image

If an edge isn't stuck down properly use a strip of paper with glue at the tip, insert into the edge and press down and pull the strip out and rub down with the scrap fabric.

For super precision use a ruler to measure straight edges in your image and the edge of your page

As you can see the image is glued down nearly with no edges peeling away. There's also dirt/ink marks from glueing down the image.

Sorry for the bad images but this was a quick tips guide to help those sticking down images for a sketchbook or boards for a portfolio :) Thanks for readying

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